If my younger self could see what I’ve become it would break his heart and he would say to me, „but someday when I grow up, I’ll be somebody you’ll see and no one can take that from me.“ And we always said this wouldn’t be us. And we always said this couldn’t be us. And we always said this wouldn’t be us. And we always said this shouldn’t be… But I’m standing here now at twentyfuckingtwo and everything that I believe is slipping from my grasp: my faith in myself, my faith in this world, my faith that everything will work out in the end. I may be my father’s son, but I will not live my father’s life. Can’t let this blue collar strangle me to death. Now I lay me down to sleep, it’s time to realize all my dreams, ‚cause I may die before I wake, and I won’t leave here a waste. What is the point of saving my name in this town.

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